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Garmos the Paladin

Garmos the Paladin – tiefling paladin again. Here without his armor. Because plate is a pain to draw.

Tiefling – Past

A character of mine from D&D 5e – tiefling, who was something of a street fighter before going all paladin.

Lash the Gunslinger

Character from a D&D 5e game. Some fool gave him guns. 

“I go stand by the paladin.” This is a commonly uttered phrase in a particular D&D game I play. The paladin is not always amused at this.

Here’s the fellow from the prior image — getting attacked by a ghost. This was more expression practice, and hopefully the  “Getitoffgetitoff!” look is pretty evident. Posture is weird but, you know.. so is getting attacked by a ghost.

This character is a character from the Geist game – no Geist in the picture. He’s an absolute n00b and in the middle of a freakout over some supernatural thing he never quite encountered before. This was one of a series of expressions, and the better of the bunch. I need to get more into […]

Tiefling D&D character from a 5e game. Fighter/Paladin. I have spent the past three years playing primarily a wizard, so plate is kind of a new unique thing for me. I’m also using the new Artsul tablet. I hope to get this thing painted up into color eventually. The learning curve here is that I […]

Dresden Files RPG character commission, in Chibi form. First completed piece I’ve done in a long, long time!

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