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  • Wereravens and Rooftops

    Wereravens and Rooftops

    Ricky Sheridan, were-raven character from Dresden Files RPG.

  • Ravens



  • Illgone


    Illgone, a Geist: The Sin- Eaters character. Tried to do it up the style of the game, though I haven’t played it myself yet!

  • D&D Party

    D&D Party

    This was a drawing for a cake. D&D characters – mine is the wizard! Save Save Save

  • Nate


    Nate here is an object lesson on bad life choices that involve moving to Vegas with an intent to win big and ultimately culminating with the shadow of something Very Bad following him around. Game character based off a Dresden Files RPG game. Save Save

  • Power’s Out

    Power’s Out

    Art for BugOut MAG! magazine. The story has to do with keeping the power on during lean times. Save Save

  • Dominion – Empires Art

    Dominion – Empires Art

    Art for the Dominion expansion, Empires. Save Save Save

  • Ricky Sheridan

    Ricky Sheridan

    Ricky Sheridan – Knifebird – a were-raven in a Dresden Files RPG. Save

  • Practice and Why It Is Important

    Practice and Why It Is Important

    It’s In Your Brains! Brains are amazing things. Brains are very plastic, meaning they can adapt even after massive trauma, even in adults (though clearly they’re far more flexible in children). They also become more efficient. When you do a thing, by the nervous system sending signals to your body part. The more you do…

  • Revenge


    I am playing in a tabletop game based in the 1880s where we are basically monster hunters and explorers, in increasingly .. interesting missions. This is an attempt at revenge toward our benefactor from the ex-navy sailor of the group, for a particularly insane mission.  

  • Police Report

    Police Report

    Illustration done for Surplus Today – the graphic designer was having trouble finding a good piece of art for an article revolving police reports, so I stepped up to the challenge of drawing this for him.

  • Critter


    Another Daily Sketch Challenge. If you were an animal, what would you be? I don’t know that I’d be this animal, but I used to have some as pets and they are cooler than you’d think!

  • A Castle In The  Mountains

    A Castle In The Mountains

    I take part in the Daily Sketch Workout group on Facebook — semi-regularly. I’m trying to so on a more regular basis. Here is today’s sketch.

  • Vampire with a Sword

    Vampire with a Sword

    It’s a vampire. With a sword and lawyer shoes. This was primarily a study in drawing and painting something in gray scale, and then coloring it. Admittedly the majority of the color is the skin tone, which could have been done with more success. I could work on it longer. But it’s done for now.…

  • Art for Pelgrane Press

    Art for Pelgrane Press

    I have two pieces of art in a book! The following pieces are commissionns for the Edom Field Manual by Pelgrane Press. This book should be out soon, though people who have funded the kickstarter should have seen their copies so I can now post my art here. Have a look at the site if…