Many Characters

This is a page for my own amusement, a giant list of many characters I have played through the years.


Changeling: The Lost character from an online game. Spring Blightbent Elemental. General concept was a boomer-era dude trying to repent for various sins of the past: being a terrible manager/exec signing off on a variety of pollution and environmental damage in the 70s and a fellow using the fact that he could easily pass for wealthy straight white male to look the other way, his return was an effort to do some good in the world. Born in 1950 to a solid middle-class family in Connecticut, he went to school in Boston and lived part of his life in New York. Eternal chain smoker.



Changeling: The Lost LARP character. Summer Lurkglider. She was the resident Batman of the game and generally hated her season and everything else. Appalachian, from Pennsylvania. More backstory than anyone ever learned.


Dresden Files were-raven Irish Traveler. Complex character played alongside his cousin who was a Scion to the Morrigan, he put family first right up to the end of the game, and he was often torn by this loyalty. Suspicious of outsiders and losing his chance at a relatively normal life, he fell into a much larger plot to battle the Fomorians. Great at ambushing and stabbing things, this character managed to roll 9 shifts of success on stealing pants after flying as a raven to a building and taking the sniper out.


Nate Barton

Vegas gambler that got himself into far too much trouble, he was another Dresden Files character – a cointouched with conflicting feelings toward David Bowie, seriously trouble-prone tendencies, and a bit of a spaz. He managed to scam a demon for several months straight, dated a scion of Odin, and was generally a mess of a human being. Great fun as a character though – sometimes characters that don’t have a lot of self-preservation instincts can be great.


Current character I am playing. D&D 5e. Paladin whose background was Enforcer. Trying to do good. With his current party, that’s rough.