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  • Power’s Out

    Power’s Out

    Art for BugOut MAG! magazine. The story has to do with keeping the power on during lean times. Save Save

  • Practice and Why It Is Important

    Practice and Why It Is Important

    It’s In Your Brains! Brains are amazing things. Brains are very plastic, meaning they can adapt even after massive trauma, even in adults (though clearly they’re far more flexible in children). They also become more efficient. When you do a thing, by the nervous system sending signals to your body part. The more you do…

  • Project Drawing Improvement  – Part 1

    Project Drawing Improvement – Part 1

    This is the initial stages for self-improvement for my own art and will be refined as I go along. This is mostly for me. However, I have found that I learn infinitely better when trying to teach other people, so I’ve invited a few people to work along with me here. We can ask for…

  • Police Report

    Police Report

    Illustration done for Surplus Today – the graphic designer was having trouble finding a good piece of art for an article revolving police reports, so I stepped up to the challenge of drawing this for him.